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Creating value

At Vicorda, we believe that data is the key to creating personalized and automated customer journeys while delivering value to all stakeholders associated with the use of the solutions.

Through Vicorda, unique ad
vantages are created for each stakeholder through organizationally and individually driven prevention and health initiatives.



End User

Insight into one's own health status and potential risk areas 

Access to relevant healthcare services and call to action


Prioritization of personal risk areas


Personal guidance from healthcare professionals


Individually tailored training program 


Preventive health tools and content


Opportunity to track own progress

Working Together on Project

Easy and effective surveys measuring health, well-being, and the work environment

Customer specific surveys targeting their unique needs

A comprehensive overview of the company's health and risk profile, along with specific areas of focus

Early detection and targeted interventions through optimization and visibility of the company's health services and investments, tailored to the individual employee's needs, resulting in healthier and more productive staff

Data, counselling, and inspiration to maintain and develop a healthier workplace

Working at Home

Corporate Client


Ensuring data for early detection and targeted interventions to prevent diseases and reduce claims costs

Enhancing advice, services, and personalized user experiences for end-users, to increase client awareness and retention

Improving advice and services for corporate clients, thereby creating greater differentiation from competitors, attracting new sales, and enhancing visibility/customer awareness and retention

Data to support innovation and development to secure competitive advantages

Automating and digitizing services, processes, and business operations to ensure scalability, volume, and resource savings

Quality assurance and standardization of advice and processes for improved customer experiences for end-users and corporate clients, as well as better internal training and recruitment related to prevention and health

Work Space
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